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What Can a Buyer’s Agent Do for You?

It’s unsurprising that people would hire with a real estate agent or broker to help them look for a home. Without one, they’ll have to know and apply – in so short a time – all the skills that the pros spent years to develop. From finding a property that matches the client’s budget, to negotiating and closing the deal, a real estate agent’s long list of duties and responsibilities represents the usually complicated nature of home buying.

As long as you choose a good real estate agent, you can expect this pro to provide all the help you need, all throughout your home-buying venture. But how exactly does that happen?

To help you purchase a home, your agent should have a deep working knowledge of the real estate business, including price trends, conditions and amenities in the neighborhood, relevant real estate law, taxes and zoning issues, financing options, insurance and negotiation techniques. He should also be emotionally stable to effectively handle the stresses of his job.
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On your initial meeting, the agent will probably help you evaluate the viability of your wants and needs as a home buyer, particularly in terms of the kind of home and community you are eyeing. He will guide you in drawing up a pragmatic budget, exploring financing options, learning about present market conditions, and knowing what to expect while you shop around. He will as well develop a strategy or shopping plan, depending on your needs and financial capacity, and market conditions in your target area.
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While shopping for your home, you’ll have to meet with your agent to check out available properties and talk about tons of details, such as a home’s strongest selling points, neighborhood crime rate, access to hospitals, schools, malls and other key establishments.

It will also be your agent who will handle disclosures, ensure that repairs and inspections are done, and coordinate with every professional involved in your purchase, such as your lawyer, roof inspector and lender. Should bargaining above the price be necessary, your agent will be your negotiator; and when you finally need to sign the closing documents, he will be there with you, ensuring that things are all in order.
Each time you have questions or concerns, you can bring them up with your agent, who must be able to give you the right answers or clarification.

With so many agents out there, it’s important that you take extra care in selecting the agent who can fulfill your needs best. Ask relatives, friends or colleagues who have hired an agent recently and were happy about the results. People are usually glad to provide recommendations.