Short Course on Wellness – Getting to Square 1

Start Being Healthy by Drinking the Right Drink

Most of the time, people are just conscious of what they eat. When you’re unhealthy, people usually tell you to cut down those carbohydrates to have a beautiful body. “You are what you eat” is what they always say. But only a few knows that what you are and what are not drinking can also affect your diet. And now that you know it, then it is time to move.

First, you should introduce yourself to water. Water is so important that our bodies should be have it in our everyday lives. Aside from that, we are also made up of water. Your day will have more energy if you drink lots of water. Drinking a lot of water is even advised by any doctor in the world. Your immune system will become stronger if you make it a habit to drink water. Drinking clean water refreshes every part of your body. When you hydrate yourself, you are able to do things with a clear mind. If you compare a regular soda to a diet soda, it is obvious that the diet one is milder, but water is still the best to consume. Fruits juice is also usually mixed with water. Your body can recognize if the water you drink is pure or not. So even if you drink a lot of juice, your body will digest it as food. So if you want to stay hydrated, you can drink your favorite mix of juice but make sure not to forget your water. Let me repeat it for you that juice is never equal to water.

Do you prefer tea rather than coffee or the other way around? Drinking tea and coffee is fine as long as you have the control. Lattes and cappuccinos may looks and smell so deceiving but always put in mind that you do not want to gain lots of calories in just one drink. You should believe that you can control yourself, so that those calories cannot go back inside your healthy body. So if you want to be healthy and stay healthy, you can try tea drinking. Green tea and matcha are very famous these days. These two are more powerful than the regular tea. These green plants are proving themselves that even the smallest leaves can have astounding results, such as the ashitaba plant that is becoming popular due to its benefits. So if you want to maintain your healthy diet, you can just choose one of those given hot drinks.

Make wise decisions, and know if you should take and drink those cold juice and frozen smoothies. Smoothies contain natural sugar but can also contain extras that you might regret having. Actually, a juice or smoothy is made with lots of fruits which you cannot consume if you are going to eat it. Rewarding yourself with a yummy juice is fine as long as you put vegetables in it, like carrots, kale, or spinach. If you put vegetables, the fructose level can be neutralized.