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What a Hiker’s First Aid Kit Must Contain

One of the most important attributes of being a successful hiker is the willingness to take risks. For those who don’t know a lot about hiking, they are under the impression that it’s merely a hobby people do during the summer. In reality though, hiking is more of a serious commitment for you to develop discipline. And the training for discipline begins by acknowledging the importance of being prepared for every hike.

Because the world out there is eerily unpredictable, it means you can’t hit any trail, familiar or unfamiliar, without bringing with you a complete first aid kit. It’s easy to understand and recognize the importance of bringing a first aid kit when you go on a hike, but you probably aren’t that sure what that first aid kit should contain. So, without further ado, here’s a list of the most important things inside the hiker’s first aid kit.

1 – Meds

The original concept of a first aid kit is to have something you can use to provide initial medical assistance to someone who’s injured, which in this case may be you or your hiking buddy. Of course, the first thing in your kit must be medicine, most especially pain reliever. Also, don’t forget about antihistamines, especially if you’re allergic to a lot of things outside.

2 – Bandages and Dressings

This one is actually a group or category made up of a lot of essentials, including gauze, alcohol wipes, cotton, Bandaid, and antibiotic ointment, all of which are crucial when hiking because you and the rest of your group are always prone to getting injured and obtaining open wounds. You also will need a good dressing like 3M’s Tegaderm, which by the way helps you protect and cover an open wound.

3 – Hand Sanitizer

A hand sanitizer may be considered by some as unnecessary, but it is something you really should include in your first aid kit if you’re going for a hike and there is no access to a typical restroom all the way.

4 – Insect Repellent

Last but certainly not the least is insect repellent. The risk you’re taking when it comes to hiking isn’t just about getting lost, stranded, or injured; it also means you’re going to be exposed to so many different types of insects. Keep in mind that those tiny little insect bites can actually put you in danger. This is very true in cases when you come across their colonies or natural environment. The most effective way to combat them is by using insect repellent.