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What You Need to Know About Dark Web and Deep Web

Dark Web – What is it?

The encryption that is used by websites found in the Dark Web is the primary reason why people are not able to access it through conventional search engines or browsers.

The special tool called Tor encryption enable websites in the Dark Web to hid their identity. Tor is a type of anonymity network wherein the users are able to browse the web and at the same time block anyone who tries to track or trace their identity. With this tool you can fake your location, for instance it could appear you are located in some foreign country so you see it is quite comparable when using VPN services.
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Websites that make use of Tor has similar effect. If one wishes to visit sites on the Dark Web, the web users must use Tor as well. You can hardly track the location of web users because of the layers of encryption that redirects a different IP address.
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This makes the use of Tor very efficient in concealing one’s identity.

Sites that belonging to this so called dark web can be visited by anyone however tracking the people behind those sites is an intricate process to do. If your identity is disclose it could be very dangerous on your part. Search engines are able to track your location and if you want to remove such you may do so plus you can also determine what the search engine knows about your internet activities.

If you want to know more about this Tor and the process of using the web anonymously you can read further.

If one wishes to operate hidden activities online they make use of dark web’s anonymity. This could be an avenue for writers to communicate with whistleblowers but of course this is often use by organizations who want to hid their transactions from the authorities.

Methods that will grant access to Dark Web

It is possible for you to get into the dark web using other software like I2P, Freenet and Tor. People often use Tor because it can be use conveniently by users. If you will use Tor you are able to access a browser that is intended for using Tor encryption.

You must keep in mind that there is no total concealment of identity in using the Tor. If a particular site is accessed, it is still possible to track information about the people using the site since some information are shared like the email ad and the username. If you want full concealment in your identity then it would be best to use a specialized server that enables you to do so. It is also ideal to use dark web guides if you want to have an in depth knowledge about this.